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Office Door Etiquette

Okay okay, different topic; but one that should absolutely be discussed.

There are simple and understandable unspoken rules when in an office. Such as, not having your speaker phone on so everyone can hear, etc.

But a few things have slowly started to dwindle as the work force gets younger. THE DOOR!

When my office door is closed: Means I need alone time. Means what I am doing, requires quiet or my absolute attention.

When the door is open, politely knock and say Hi. I will invite you in. It's true, I've done that many times.

Don't swing the door open, look bewildered that I don't greet you with a smile while I am on the phone. Don't let the first thing out of your mouth be: Got a minute?

The Dumb, as I like to call it, is a disease. It is caused by impatience and distraction. (That applies to driving too)

Don't become a victim of The Dumb. Slow down and be patient, we are all working. (Okay, most of us are working)

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